Our Services

With the modern & fast world, everyone is busy with their work. So, people can’t waste their time. We understood this reality. According to this, time management system, we expect to give a better service to our client. Here you all can get an idea about our services. We have already divided our services in to two categories. One is to be a Bride & Groom and other is superior in the field.



 To be a Bride & Groom 



Dear friends who are expecting a fantastic wedding day, what you can get from us.

  • You can get a better idea about the prior preparation of your wedding.
  • You can get the idea how to select your wedding venue & what are the key factors for that.
  • If the person is not working or living in this mother land can plan their wedding with their parents or any other relation. (E.g. selection for Venue/ Beautician/ Photography etc ;)
  • Through our picture gallery, you can do your selection & find what the superiors have done
  • The way of the access to our site, we give you the fast & easy way to find & contact the Superiors in the field. (From the selecting Name or close city).
  • You can publish your most beautiful day photographs to my wedding gallery in this site.
  • You can get knowledge about some factors by reading some of the various articles, which are published by our superior in the field.


Superior in the field


Dear Superior in the realm. Why you want to advertise with us.

  • You can easily & cheaply advertise your advertisement in our site.
  • When you’re registered as our client, we provide User Accounts & password to access your account
  • We give you update facilities. You can update your details (Such as Pictures/ Contact details) according to your desire.
  • We have developed our site adding with a new technology & advance features.
  • You can publish your upcoming news & events in our news field, what you’re expecting to initiate in your profession. (E.g.: Bridal fair / Newly Opening)
  • We have widely expanded & published our site all over the country.